threads and robes

threads and robes

Characteristics of the plastic threads and robes

Resist to the sun radiation and heat.
Resist the atmospheres factors and low humidity.
Endure the hard working of dragging, faggoting, and binding.
Produced by a different diameters from 3 mm to 40 mm.
produced by a vivid and attractive colors and characterized by stability

Descriptions of the plastic threads and robes:

Manufactured from the polyethylene materials of the low and high density.
Produced on the collards circular forms or a small hanks.
Master batch and fixations are added.

The Artificial threads:

This type is used from threads in a different aims for the fiber manufacture, especially concerning the Untraditional textiles as the hunting nets, sporting nets, school bags and some of the cars covers, and also in producing the filters fibers and consolidating some of the high resistant tubes types.


Resist sun radiations and the atmospheric effects and humidity.
Afford the hard works of dragging and friction and others .
High mechanical properties of tension and elasticity.
Various diameters from 3mm – 40 mm.
Vivid and attractive colors

It is manufactured from high quality of Polyethylene or Polypropylene and dyed by a different colors as per demand and produced in the form of bobbins of a diameter 220 mt